We give the chance to any VET school to access a wide range of possibilities for the learning mobility of their staff such as job shadowings and teacher trainings.

This type of experiences abroad is the best way for teachers to step up their professional development. By working in a different educational context, staff from European education institutions can gain new insights and ideas that they can apply in their own classrooms, leading to enhanced teaching and learning outcomes.

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Uniser Teacher Week

Uniser Teacher Week is a three-day training course dedicated to internationalisation in education, based on peer learning and collaborative design approach. The 2023 edition is dedicated to Sustainable Internationalisation: together, around 100 teachers and VET staff from all over Europe will take part in workshops and activities exploring ways to make it sustainable for an education institution to set up international projects and initiatives.

Staff mobility catalogue

The catalogue of destinations for staff mobility was first launched in 2022 as a way to showcase the different locations that could host job shadowing and training experiences dedicated to teachers and staff of education institutions offered by our network of partners and schools for the next year.

Our selected destinations for staff mobility

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