We are happy and proud to announce that we are now members of SERN

(Sweden Emilia-Romagna Network), the main transnational network in

Europe fostering relations in a multilvel perspective between Northern

and Southern Europe and in particular between Sweden and Italy.


SERN is the result of a long-term process of cooperation and exchange

between Italian and Swedish actors. The idea of strengthening the

relations between the two areas was launched by a pool of italian

municipalities in the summer of 2002 and took shape in the following

spring with the organization of the conference Town Twinning Sweden

Emilia-Romagna, supported by the European Commission in the framework of

the Town Twinning programme.


SERN members (55) are mainly local authorities and private non-profit

organizations which share long term values such as “cooperation, common

belonging to EU, Democracy and equal opportunities, responsibility and trust”


SERN contributes to building a Europe of citizens and to make the

European Union an area of peace, sustainable development, democracy and

participation, solidarity and social inclusion. This contribution,

however small, is furthermore important as Europe is one of the leading

areas of the world.


SERN mission is to promote and support the network members in developing

long-term relations and partnerships. To create mutual knowledge, to

foster active citizenship and cultural enrichment and to achieve

economic and social development. These activities aims to increase the

quality of life and the opportunities for the citizens.

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